Sex Week

Kelly Connell Consulting is proud to launch a new venture in Sex Education!

Coming to cities and colleges across the United States!

Sex Week is a week of sexuality education programs combined with sex positive comedy shows.

During the day Kelly will partner with local hospitals, schools, agencies and organizations and teach sexuality education programs designed to meet each consumer’s needs and goals. Local sex educators doing sex positive programs that week will be highlighted and promoted.

Each night at least one local Improv or Comedy show that is sex positive will be promoted and included as a part of Sex Week.  One lucky audience member at each show will win a bag of Sex Week swag.

Look also for panel discussions, film screenings and other sex relevant events.

Rounding out the week will be a performance of Kelly’s stage show “Life as a Sex Educator.”  Think hilarious comedy, storytelling, musical guests, games, sex trivia, local performers and a few surprises!

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For more information on Sex Week and booking us in your city, town or college, contact us.