What type of sexuality education does your organization or group need?

How can you ensure those needs are being addressed in an honest and straight forward manner?

Kelly Connell Consulting can help you find the answers and work to ensure that your goals for providing sexuality education are met.


My philosophy about my work is very simple. I view sexuality as a quality of life issue. It is from a sincere desire to improve the quality of life of others regarding sexuality issues that I seek to educate and inform all populations about sexuality and related issues by providing a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere that will foster learning as well as be fun and entertaining for all participants. My comprehensive and engaging programs are designed to:

  • Inform
  • Empower
  • Challenge
  • Increase Comfort and Knowledge
  • Offer tips and tools to enhance your communication skills

Educational Programs, Workshops, Public Speaking

My diverse background in Human Sexuality Education enables me to speak with knowledge and expertise on a variety of sexuality-related topics including sexual health, sexuality and disability, sexuality and aging, sexual dysfunction, enhancing your sex life, talking to kids about sex, dating, love and relationships. My experience teaching health care providers and patients on sexuality and various health issues has been an important part of my professional life.

I am available for speaking engagements and educational programs, including guest lectures, keynotes, workshops, and support group presentations and facilitation. I can provide engaging programs for college students, athletes, health care providers, adults of all ages, parents, professionals, the news media and entertainment industry and community groups.

My presentations can be tailored specifically for your audience and can include question and answer sessions, interactive learning, information sessions or simply a lecture format. Whatever your goals, I can design a program to help you meet them.

For a partial list of previous speaking and teaching engagements click here.

Consulting and Other Services

Support Groups
Whether it is a patient support group for illness/disability or a group for newly single persons wanting to get back into the dating world, my group facilitation experience can provide non-judgmental and thought provoking leadership to challenge participants to express their feelings, find creative solutions and get access to the support they need.

Staff Training
I can work with the staff of your agency to provide sexuality education regarding the population your agency serves. My programs and workshops can help your staff understand the sexuality issues faced by your clients. This can improve your clients’ quality of life and increase staff comfort level with sexuality issues.If you are part of one of the following types of organizations a staff training on sexuality could benefit both your employees and consumers:

  • Healthcare Practice or Agency
  • School
  • Assisted Living Facility for seniors or persons with disability
  • Organization serving older adults
  • Community Service Organization
  • Agency servicing teens and young adults

Other Services

  • Curriculum/lesson plan writing
  • Advisory Board/Committee Service
  • Media Interviews and Appearances
  • Information/Fact sheet writing
  • Providing and recommending resources.

If you are interested in scheduling Kelly for any of her services, please click here. 


Fees are dependent upon length and type of desired program, group size and type, and location (travel expenses). Fees are negotiable with special consideration given to non-profits. Kelly will respond to your request as soon as possible concerning her availability, fee and a proposal for your desired topic.


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*Please note: Kelly Connell Consulting does not provide sexual surrogate services! Her programs do not contain nudity, actual sex acts or live models.