Kelly J. Connell, M.S. Ed. C.A.S.H.S.E.
Sexuality Educator, Counselor, Consultant
Public Speaker, Wedding Officiant

OBJECTIVES: To utilize my skills and training to empower and improve others quality of life in different areas of Human Sexuality.  To promote healthy sexuality and sexual health in general and special populations.

STRENGTHS & INTERESTS: Commitment to education of children and parents about human sexuality and sexual health. Commitment to women’s issues, educating and empowering women. Strong interest in the medical aspect of human sexuality and how aging, illness/disability can impact sexuality/sexual function.  Extensive knowledge of sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, birth control and contraception and reproductive health.  Commitment to women’s health care, sexual dysfunction, reproductive freedom and comfort with sexuality issues. Strong interest in training teachers and other educators. Strong interest in training/teaching medical students and other healthcare professionals human sexuality and its importance in the quality of life of their patients. Strong interest and experience working with the college population, teaching students, training peer educators and facilitating small groups.


Widener University, Chester, PA
Doctoral candidate in Human Sexuality Education
All course work completed
Certificate of Advanced Study in Human Sexuality 2012

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Master’s in Human Sexuality Education, 2000

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor of Arts and Science, Psychology major, 1994


Weddings by Kelly (5/13-present)
Non-Denominational wedding officiant.
Able to perform weddings 
in all 50 states. Strong supporter of marriage equality.

Kelly Connell Consulting, Niles, MI (1/11-present)
President and Owner
Provide sexuality education, public speaking and consulting services to individuals and organizations.

Webpower.com, Palm Beach FL. (2/04-6/11)
Independent Review Analyst (Consulting Role/part time)
Utilize expertise to assess sexuality-related content for internet website. Educate content providers on meeting website compliance. Work with a team of 18 other independent reviewer analysts to support each other and assess content.

SmartThinking Inc., Washington D.C.  7/04-5/10
Online Tutor (Part time).
Provide online tutoring and academic support of secondary and postsecondary students in the subjects of anatomy and physiology and human sexuality. Work with schools, colleges, universities, government agencies and textbook publishers to enhance student learning and increase student achievement. Work with a team of other online tutors to better serve student needs.  Provided written list of referral resources for students who need outside assistance with sexuality issues.

KC Distance Learning  (12/08-07/09)
Curriculum Writer-Independent Contractor
Wrote Health Education lessons for credit recovery course for online students. Reworked previous online Health Education curriculum to be more interactive and condensed. Wrote quizzes and exams for Health Education curriculum.

Youth Emergency Services, Philadelphia, PA (1/07-9/07)
STOP Coordinator Supporting Teens On The Go
Coordinate all pregnancy prevention activities, including scheduling medical interns, organizing group and individual counseling sessions, staff training sessions, Teens Talk Network meetings, workshops, and teen pregnancy prevention conference.  Meet with adolescents who enter Youth Emergency Services to engage them in STOP activities, including pregnancy prevention, sexual health and HIV education.

Martin Luther King High School, Philadelphia PA (04/01-08/01)
Health Resource Counselor/Health Educator (Temporary Position)
In charge of the Health Resource Center at MLK High School. Provided information, education and referral on sexual health issues, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy options, and birth control/contraception.  Provided students with condoms, dental dams and educational materials on sexual health. Worked with school administration to provide sexual health programs to students.  Worked with outside agencies to provide services to students for issues including sexual health, prenatal care, sexual orientation and in depth counseling. Run through Teen Clinic at Albert Einstein Hospital.

Thomas Jefferson Hospital Dept. of Obstetrics & GynecologyPhiladelphia, PA (6/01-8/01)
Family Planning Counselor (temporary full time employee-covering for permanent employee on maternity leave)
Provided education and counseling on all issues related to family planning, including birth control/contraception, options counseling, pelvic exams, test results, sexually transmitted infections and women’s health. Dispensed birth control/contraceptive supplies and medication for treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Performed pregnancy tests. Responsible for all abnormal pap test follow up. Provided patient with pap results, meaning of results and needed medical treatment. Documented all relevant information on patient charts. Provided statistical information regarding patient demographics and procedures to the Family Planning Council. Various duties as assigned.

Helen Dickens Center for Women, Philadelphia, PA (2/01-5/01)
OB/GYN Tech III (Temporary Position)
Provided education and counseling to Family Planning Patients on all issues related to birth control/contraception, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections and women’s health. Performed necessary lab work, including blood pressure, hemocue testing and pregnancy testing. Followed up with patients regarding necessary appointments. Colposcopy, prenatal care etc. Counseled patients on Maternity Unit regarding importance of Postpartum visit and choice of birth control/contraception.  Educated patients on sexual health concerns, reproduction, anatomy/physiology and pelvic exams. Various duties as assigned.

CHOICE, Philadelphia, PA (8/00-12/00)
Hotline Counselor and Educator
Provided information, education referral and counseling for three hotlines run by CHOICE-the State AIDS Factline, the Community AIDS Hotline and the CHOICE Sexual Health Hotline. Counseled and educated callers on areas of sexual health, including pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health care.  Provided referrals for services needed by consumer, including services related to HIV/AIDS, prenatal care, abortion services, gyn care, STI testing and treatment sites and adoption agencies. Represented CHOICE at community Health Fairs. Provided research and information for staff on Hepatitis C. Assisted in training teens for teen education program.

Planned Parenthood of Chester County, West Chester, PA 3/00-6/00
Clinic Assistant Temporary Employee
Counseled patients on pregnancy options, contraception and sexual health issues. Dispensed contraceptive supplies and ECP. Performed lab work, pregnancy testing, patient vital signs testing.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE (other than Kelly Connell Consulting):

Widener University, Chester, PA   (2003-2005)
Fulfilled 50 hour practicum requirement.
Researched, wrote and implemented curriculum on sexuality and health care issues including Taking a Sexual History, Sexuality for Health Care Providers, Why is it Important? Sexuality in Persons with Chronic Illness/Disability and Adolescent Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy.  Presented and taught to health care professionals in the Philadelphia area.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Participated in “Let’s Talk About Sex” panel, managed sex toy exhibit table. 
Fulfilled 20 hour practicum requirement.  (11/09)
Researched, wrote and implemented   curriculum on sexually transmitted infections, birth control/contraception, HIV/AIDS and other sexual health issues.  Taught groups from fraternities, sororities, residence halls about sexual health issues.  (99/00) 
Assisted Acting Director of Student health Education with pre-freshman orientation sexuality education program.  Appointed by acting director of Student Health Education to teach class in sexuality education at freshman orientation. Assisted Acting Director of Student Health Education in training peer education group member for 2 peer groups, Facilitating Learning About Sexual Health (FLASH) and Students Together Against Acquaintance Rape (STARR).

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (1992-1994)
Teaching assistant, Human Sexuality class, taught by Dr. Robert Hatfield. Largest Undergraduate Human Sexuality class in the United States with between 450 and 850 students per quarter.  Facilitated small group discussions of approximately 30 students per quarter. Led activities and icebreakers to help students feel comfortable with discussion of Human Sexuality topics.


Sex and Intimacy After 50
A three part series for the AARP (2014)

Sexuality and Cancer
Lakeland Hospital St. Joseph, Michigan (7/22/12)
River Bend Cancer Center, Granger IN (11/29/12
Michiana Hematology/Oncology Support gGroup (2013, 2015)

What 50 Shades of Grey Can Teach Us About Female Sexuality
Lake Michigan College, Union Pier Campus (9/27/12)

Adolescent Sexuality, Sexting, and Related Issues
Program for Parents, Caregivers and Other Adults (7/20/2011)
Program for Adolescents (7/21/2011)
Both Community Education programs held at Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce, Niles, MI.

Sexuality and Multiple Sclerosis
Cass County Counsel on Aging, Cass County, Michigan (7/13/10)
Hospital of the University of PA Multiple Sclerosis Patient Support Group (2008)

Sexuality and Parkinson’s Disease
Cass County Counsel on Aging, Cass County, Michigan 7/13/10

The Importance of Sexuality Education for Health Care Professionals: What Can be Done to Help Meet the Sexual Health Needs of Patients
American Organization of Registered Nurses (AORN) Keynote speaker Wilmington, DE (9/11/06)
Drexel University Department of OB/GYN, Philadelphia, PA (05/05)
Jefferson Med Students for CHOICE. Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.  (12/3/03)
Family Medicine Faculty, Attending Physicians, Residents and Medical Students. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA  (3/7/02)

Taking A Sexual History, What Providers Need to Know
Christiana Health System, Newark DE (10/20/06)
Family Medicine, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia PA (10/29/04)
Internal Medicine, Drexel University, Philadelphia, (PA 10/7/04)
Family Medicine, Drexel University, Warminster Hospital, Warminster PA (9/17/04)
Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (7/14/04)
Hobart Amory Honor Medical Society. Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA. (10/29/03)

The Culture Of Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy.
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital OB/GYN Residents (4/12/06)
Women’s Medical Society, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (11/-09/05)
JEFF-YES. Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, (PA. 11/5/03)

The Phone Sex Industry
Undergraduate Human Sexuality Class. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. (11/06/03) & (4/27/04)

Sexuality and Aging
Premier Women’s Networking, Mishawaka, IN  (8/11)
Michiana Gerontology Consortium Conference  ( 6/2/11)
Cass County Counsel on Aging (Love and Sex over 50) Cass Co. MI.  (5/4/11)
Waterford Retirement Village, Mishawaka IN  (2/4/11)
Cass County Counsel on Aging, Cass County Michigan  (8/25/10)
Geriatric Medicine Fellows, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA  (7/16/04)
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Geriatric Residents, Philadelphia, PA (10/21/05)
Crozer family Medicine Springfield PA (9/06/06)
Christiana Hospital Dept. of Family Medicine (9/13/06)

What Can Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists do for Patients and Health Care Providers? How Can We Work Together?
Jefferson Family Medicine, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Philadelphia, PA  (7/22/04)

Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (1/11/06)
Moss Rehab, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia PA  (8/18/04)

Sexual Dysfunction
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital OB/GYN Residents (02/23/06)
VA Hospital, Department of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA (3/23/05)
Internal Medicine Department, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (9/3/04)

Sexuality Needs of Underserved Populations
Internal Medicine, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA (10/4/04)
Family Medicine, Drexel University, Warminster PA (10/15/04)

Sexuality in Persons with Chronic Illness/Disability
Northwestern University Annual Sex Week (4/14/12)
Christiana Hospital Family Medicine (12/13/06)
Crozer Family Medicine Springfield PA (11/01/06)
Penn Center For Primary Care, Philadelphia, PA (10/04/06)
Lehigh Valley Hospital OB/GYN Residents, Allentown, PA (8/25/06)
Crozer Hospital Dept.of Medicine (8/22/06 and (12/13/06)
St Joseph Hospital, South Bend IN (7/12/06)
Department of Neurology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (3/22/06)
Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residents, South Bend, IN    (7/13/05)
Presbyterian Hospital Family Medicine Residents, Philadelphia, PA (5/4/05)

Adolescent Sexuality
Internal Medicine, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pediatric Residents Allentown, PA (11/14/06)

Available Resources in Human Sexuality for Health Care Providers
Internal Medicine, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA (10/8/04)

Sex and Sleep, Sleep and Sex, You Can’t Have One Without The Other
Michigan Sleep Alliance Annual Conference, Western Michigan University   3/17/12


kellyconnellconsulting.com – My own website detailing my sexuality education and consulting services.  Through this I have completed numerous freelance writing assignments for a variety of online and print venues and scheduled public speaking events.


Sexuality expert and blogger

Sexuality expert and blogger

Contributing writer on sexuality and health care issues. (10/2011-present)

Sexuality Expert

Blog writer. Contributed two blog articles a month on various sexuality topics.

National Sexuality Examiner. I write articles, conduct interviews, and write reviews for the National Edition of Examiner.com

Reviewed sex toys and other products.

Write relevant articles pertaining to sexual health.

Write relevant articles pertaining to addiction research  (1/12-present)

Write relevant articles pertaining to fibromyalgia research

Write relevant articles pertaining to mental health issues.

Expert in Sex Therapy and Education. Provide online (1/11-present)
nswers to client questions via email, live chat and telephone.

Sexuality Expert. Answer questions regarding sexuality and sexual health. (

Write Kelly’s Korner, column for on-line men’s health magazine, which deals with sexuality and relationship issues. (

Contributing author for Straight Talk Question Series (2008-2009)

Charisma Coaching
Contributing author and podcast participant on Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Communication


Twitter – @lifesexeducator
Facebook – Facebook.com/LifeAsASexEducator
Instagram: Instagram.com/life_as_a_sex_educator


Guest “The Gordy Young Show” (June 2016)

Guest “Truth Talkin Time” (WNIT Television January 2016)

Guest “Experience Michiana” (WNIT Television August 2014)

Guest “In the Spotlight with Brenda Lane” (WSJM FM 2013, 2014)

Guest Jeneral Issues with Jen and Jen-hosted Sex Trivia (February 26, 2012)

Guest WNIT “Ask The Expert” (December 15, 2011)

Guest Expert Fox 28 News (November 7, 2011)

Guest WNDU Morning Show (July 18, 2011)

Guest WSBT Channel 22 News (July 18, 2011)

Guest Channel 57 News (July 15, 2011)

Guest WNDU Channel 16 News (July 14, 2011)

Guest “In the Spotlight with Brenda Lane” (WSJM FM July 14, 2011)

Guest WJSM FM News Report (July 13, 2011)

Guest Channel 57 News (June 2011)

Guest “Senior Lifestyles with Dave Crock” WSJM FM (June 21, 2011)

Guest “In the Spotlight with Brenda Lane” WSJM FM (April 7, 2011)

Guest “In the Spotlight with Brenda Layne” WSJM FM (March 8, 2011)

Interviewed as Sexuality Expert WNDU television (August, 2010)

Sexuality Expert on the BrianandJoeshow.com WVQC FM (Dec. 2009-2010)

Guest sexuality expert Alphawomen.com Blog Talk Radio (March 5, 2009)

Guest sexuality expert on “Can U Relate” XMSatellite Radio. (June 16, 2002)


Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce (2011-2012)

American College Health Association (2010-2011)

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)

(Sexuality Educator Certification pending) (1997-present)

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) (1997-present)


Saad, S.C., Tromovitch, P., & Connell, K. Scleroderma and Sexuality – Pamphlet for Scleroderma Patients. American Scleroderma Association.  August, 2000.


Member Board of Directors-LGBTQ Center, South Bend, IN  (2015-present)

Emergency Department-Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. (December 2004-April 2010) – Completed over 10,000 hours of service.

Niles Service League (2010-2012)

Founded and launched “Just One More” campaign to end local hunger (2012)

Volunteer experience with several other organizations including: Planned Parenthood, The Fighting Toad, Relay for Life, Visitor’s Hospital, Alice Paul House, After School Centers, Food Drives


– Excellent references available upon request.